Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Picpic" time

Noah decided today to have a "picpic" (picnic) with his baby in the hallway. He went and got the goldfish crackers and was feeding them to the baby giraffe.
Oops...he made a mess and dumped the crackers all over the floor and then decided he would go get his vacuum to clean it all up! It's funny how their thought process works.

Friday, February 27, 2009


This is the before (yes, I know it is an absolute disaster!!):
The after:
I ordered these cling-on trucks and cars to put on the *road* around the room. They should be here next week and I will put a new picture up then. But, I think the room turned out nicely. Now I just have to figure out what to put on the walls!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've been painting...a lot

So, I have been painting my butt off and am proud to say that my entire upstairs has been painted!!! Hallelujah! Here are the most recent projects that I have taken on:

Master bedroom (went from white to a "sagey" green) (Oh, and notice I have an actual bed now!!!) :The master bath is now a green color, too. It is the same color family as my bedroom but one shade lighter:And the hallway has been painted, too!!! :

Monday, February 23, 2009

Logan's Room

I finally got around to painting Logan's room today. It looks so a big boy room :(
Anyways, this is the before:
This is the after:
The base color is called is a gray/blue color. And then I painted the blue squares to put the letters in. I think it looks pretty cool and completely eliminates the need for expensive artwork! I also painted an "L" over his dresser in the navy blue.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy "Valentimes" Day!!

We made heart shaped cakes today for Valentine's Day (one day late, I know). The boys helped cook them and then we decorated them with sprinkles and heart candies. They had fun!! Oh and please excuse the dirty kitchen in the background of the pictures, I was cooking dinner at the same time!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Letter C

Things we love that begin with C:

1. Christmas: It's hard to think about right now, but we love Christmas! It's is just an awesome holiday that revolves around family and friends. I love all the parties and get togethers. I can't wait for the boy's elementary school parties and all those things. Fun stuff!

2. Candy: Although I would love to say that I hate candy and I never let my kids have it, I would be totally lying if I did. Over the years of being a mom I have decided that being TOO strict and nutty is no fun and is really not worth it. So, I've opened up and my children can have candy and cookies (another c). Not all the time, but I think a little is better than none now and binging later.

3. Corollas: Seriously, this car is getting a little too small for our needs, but has been an awesome car. We bought it the month before we got married, so it is 5 years old and is still is awesome shape. Eventually we are going to have to spring for something a little larger, but not for a while.

4. Cleveland Indians: We are Indians nuts as I have said before. We are not from there, we don't have any ties there at all...we just love good baseball! :)

Just Random!

So, I got a new camera for Valentine's Day...thanks honey! I finally have one that actually catches the smile and not that half drunken post smile glaze my children seem to have. I love it...and love these boys!